June Nineteen is a Los Angeles-based jewelry line created by Yurga Juozapa. Stocked at Just One Eye, her jewellery will leave you dreaming of summer. From diamonds to andalusite, the brand offers you a variety of unique pieces to match your soul! We honestly couldn’t love it more.

The founder Yurga told us about how she transitioned from modelling, why you can’t support unethical mining and the future of June Nineteen.

What was it like to transition from modelling to designing jewellery? What are the main differences in your professional career?

Modeling was always a side job I enjoyed because it gave me access to the fashion industry. I looked for something extra while studying communications in Paris and went to Isabel Marant’s rue Jacob shop to apply for shop assistant position. When I met their HR team at the office, they asked me if I wanted to model. I was thrilled to get to know the Isabel Marant brand better and was inspired to immerse myself into this Parisian creative girls’ world and learn a lot from Isabel herself and her team. I think Isabel Marant is a genius and truly marked last ten years of fashion with her signature styles. Modeling is truly not my preferred thing to do.

How did you come up with the name of the jewellery brand?

June Nineteen is my birthday. It was simple because I wanted something that distils the essence of my brand, so the day that is special for me and totally random for others was a perfect choice. When my pieces excite people I am happy that this special day for me becomes their day as well.

What can you tell me about the materials used for the fabrication?

June Nineteen uses diamonds that are GIA certified and we are using gemstones that can be traced. We know how and where they were mined, whether they treated or mixed with synthetics, how they were cut and under what conditions. All these details are giving me a full picture of the processes I am involved in as a maker. It gives me peace of mind that neither me or my customers are supporting unethical mining.

What is it like to live in Lithuania and how has it inspired you? Have you been inspired from other countries when designing your collection?

Living in Lithuania is very calm and, at the same time, inspiring. Maybe calm is a wrong word because you clearly see that little country has a boiling music, theatre and food scene. I wish it was closer to L.A., then I could go there for a weekend to enjoy some rainy forest melancholy. DIY culture and appreciation for nature are very Lithuanian things, it’s a very current and relevant vibe you get there.

What do you have in plan for the next collection?

Right now, I am working on expanding the COMB collection and making it with the best quality diamonds. The COMB collection mixes Parisian sophistication with Lithuanian wilderness; I want to expand this particular collection into wider range of jewellery.

When it comes to the brand exportation, there is one store in Lithuania. Is there any plan to open more stores overseas?

There is a multi-brand shop in Vilnius, Lithuania that sells June Nineteen jewellery. There is no self-standing June Nineteen shop yet, but we are planning to have one in the future. We are trying to mix retailers and the direct to consumer concept and working on different categories of products that we are going to be selling exclusively on our website.

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